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Tyco advances life safety and security with Personal Protection Equipment for customers who are frequently in harm’s way, such as first responders, firefighters and those working in dangerous industrial environments.

Tyco's Personal Protection Equipment help our customers achieve their safety and security goals by protecting those who protect lives and property.

We design innovative, industry-specific Personal Protection Equipment for emergency and first responders, firefighters, law enforcement, military and industrial personnel around the world.

Tyco is the leading supplier of self-contained breathing apparatus among firefighters in the U.S. We also help protect over 1 million firefighters worldwide with high-performance respiratory protection equipment, state-of-the-art thermal imaging technologies, and gas and flame detection devices.

Through our Personal Protection Equipment, Tyco is passionately committed to protect those who put themselves at risk to safeguard the lives and property of others.

  • Air Supplied Respiratory
  • Thermal Imaging Technology
  • Head, Eye, Ear & Face
  • Air Purifying Respiratory
  • Portable Instruments
  • Communication Systems
  • Breathing Air Systems
  • Fixed Instruments