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As the wholly owned subsidiary of Scott Safety, Shanghai Eagle provides high-performance gas detection product, personal protective equipment and safety devices, such as::

  //  Gas detection (Portable, Fixed)

  //  Breathing protective products ( Air supplied, Air purifying, Escape)

  //  Charging/Maintenance/Hydraulic test system

  //  Communication equipment


Scott Safety provides gas detection series, SCBA and other personal protective products that represent the latest advanced technology, which covers special toxic gas sensor knowledge, VIbraLert low pressure alarm regulator, double seal face mask, and qualify us to serve as the main supplier for industry safety and fire departments. Our products have earned a reputation worldwide for stable performance, reliable quality and comprehensive after-sales service.

By obtaining the resource from 4 plants globally, such as USA, U.K., Australia and China Shanghai. Shanghai Eagle plant was certified to the ISO 9001:2008 International Quality System by the Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and granted ISO14001:2004 by BSI. Scott Safety provides total solution to P&OG, chemical, shipping, electronics, medical treatment and fire.

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  • Simple Air呼吸空气压缩机
  • Hush Air 呼吸空气压缩机
  • Eagle Air/E-255呼吸空气压缩机
  • UP1700过滤器
    独立式。用于进一步过滤空压机输出的压缩空气,提供符合或超越美国压缩气体协会CGA G-7.1和美国消防协会(NFPA1989)等公认标准的D/E级呼吸空气。